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   NO there is no party mode, you can have Alexa change the colors to several different colors or use the Alexa app to change the colors but it is always just one color at a time and no flashes.  

Sure! Using the Smart Wi-Fi app, tap the 'automation' button from the app main page, then select 'Routines'. You can then create a schedule and select the bulb you want to associate to that schedule, including selecting the bulb color.  

Yes Alexia can control them once you connect the bulbs app to Alexia.

They can work independently. In App and Alexa you see how many devices have been configured. You can turn on/off and change colors independently. 

No, need to set up with 2.4 ghz. Not 5g.  

Led Strip Lights

Two methods of music sync:

1) Tape mode. Within the sensing range of the controller, the light will change color/flicker with any sound.

2) Music mode. Download the music you like to your phone. The APP can automatically recognize the music stored in the mobile phone. After playing music in the APP, the light will change color/flash with the rhythm of the music.

If you want to cut the strip to desired length before installing, MUST cut exactly along the scissor mark. Measure from the white controller on. Cut the redundant section off. Use sharp scissors to make a clean cut to avoid damaging circuit.

You can link them again later with 4-pin led strip connector which is NOT included in package. Just search ‘4-pin led strip connector’ or similar words for connector.

Always do test before installation after cut or link operation.

   It`s not recommended to connect 2 strip lights in series due to the power issue, you`d better plug the 2nd strip light in a different power plug and then use it, or the latter part will be off totally.  

The strip width of the 5050 model is 10mm, and the strip width of the 2835 model is 8mm.

Yes, the remote works for every light strip of this model, but the remote has to be towards each IR receiver on controller box.  

 There is a battery inside of the remote.  

Yes, LED strip lights can decorate every room of yours. Including bedroom, kitchen, living room, bathroom, etc. And the lighting effect is great, and the brightness can also be adjusted.  

Yes, but you will need to take appropriate steps to attach it to the bottom of upholstered furniture since the only thing on the back of it is 3M sticky tape (which requires a dry, flat, clean surface like sealed wood, plastic, glass, or steel to stick to). So, look forward to manually sewing or attaching it somehow...  

Sorry we wouldn'd recommend so. The lights have an adhesive backing for sticking to a wall or other flat surface. Unless you can find a way to fix the strip lights on the Christmas tree.

The length is about the strip light by led stars, not includes the power cord. 

Need more help, please kindly contact us, so that we could provide a better help.  

You can turn the light strip in any direction needed. You did not need any tools and it worked just fine on all edges and corners. 

Yes, you can adjust the brightness and even set custom colors. All colors! They also have different modes like strobe and fade. 

We sell a combination of remote control and controller, you just need to choose the right model.

Nope they plug in to one power source and all change together.

No, the Bluetooth will automatically connect to your phone when you open the app.

You can have 6 custom diy colors but you can like edit the colors at any time. 

Yes. You Can Use a Static Color .Such as solid blue, solid white And others.

Yes, you can pick a light color according to brightness controls and then make the color continually accoring to memeory your pick.
You can DIY colors you like. The pacakge cncluding a user manual, there are instrucations on how to set it.