How to install a TV Backlight?

How to install a TV Backlight?

If you want more than a subtle glow from your TV's bias light to improve the contrast of your TV screen and relieve eye strain caused by dim conditions, then you could try using a TV backlight, a relatively inexpensive way to not only improve the apparent contrast of your TV and help relieve the stress of watching a bright TV screen in a dark room, but will also bring you an immersive viewing experience. In addition, the daybetter TV backlight can also be in sync with the TV. So how to install your TV light?

Clean All Surfaces
TVs get dusty. Make sure you’re adhering your strip lights to a clean surface thats dust free. Otherwise your tape may become wrinkled over time as the adhesive lifts.

Watch Out for Uneven Surfaces
If you have any excess give in the strip light roll, be sure to adhere it to any concaving or protruding surfaces on the back of your TV monitor.
If you’re lacking in extra strip light tape, just make a straight 90 degree line. As long as your lights are adhering securely to a segment, you shouldn’t have any sagging issues.

USB Connections
This TV backlight was powered by USB port, so you can plug the light strip directly into the USB port of your TV.With simply peeling off the adhesive strip and stick it on the back of your TV or computer to complete the whole installation. Don't worry about those cables looking messy, the receiver can be hidden nicely behind your TV. With a unique stronger adhesive, the LED light strip can be better attached to your TV.

DayBetter TV back lights

There is also no need to worry about whether the strip of lights will overheat and be unsafe to put behind the TV, TV backlights by using special materials, and LED lights release very low heat, so it is completely safe to add them behind the TV.

With a built-in mic, the TV backlight can change color in sync with the sound. LED lights create a customized visual experience that complements movies, music and games, providing a bright entertainment venue to look forward to after a long day. Whether you want to be the proud owner of the coolest home streaming setup or simply want to reduce stress while watching replays, LED lights can make a huge difference.

DayBetter LED TV back light sync with sound

If you want to incorporate some lighting into a gaming room, bedroom, home office or home theatre, you’ll quickly come to appreciate what lighting can offer.

Time to Put on Your Favorite Flick!
For such a small DIY project, you get a great reward. Adding LED lights behind your TV is something you’ll appreciate each and every time you hit the power button.

Now,Just enjoy the popcorn and movie!


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