Can I cut Ddaybetter LED strip lights?

Can I cut Ddaybetter LED strip lights?

The multi-functionality and ambiance setting features of LED lights are what make them the perfect choice as a supplemental light source. You'll enjoy a more immersive lighting solution with LED strips at a fairly affordable price, just by installing some LED strips in your home to energize your space and add more ambience!

However, with the increasing demand for the decorative properties of the light strip, people pay more attention to whether the light strip can be cut to satisfy their decorative needs.

Just like all of the brands in the market, you can cut the majority of LED light strips if you’re following the proper cutting instructions.

So here are some cutting steps

1.First of all, please make sure the version of yours Daybetter LED Strip Lights can be cut and used individual!

2.Then measure the Size You need and Confirm the cut position!

3.Find the Cutting Marks, then use Scissor to cutting the mark.

Cutting instruction of DayBetter LED Strip LightsCutting instruction of DayBetter LED Strip Lights

Please make sure to cut at the mark, otherwise you may break the circuit and damage the whole strip

4.After cut apart, then connecting them by connector with cable, connectors or solder with them, they will still working!

Connector of LED Strip Lights

Now you can create your own vibe with your strip lights!

Hope this article can help you, if you still need some help for using DayBetter products, you can contact us, we will have a professional customer service team to answer your questions!

Stay up to date with our latest lighting news and feel free to contact us with any questions!


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